Small Bites & Libations

Maintaining the Italian connection Aperitivo's libation list includes the common and more boutique classic Italian cocktails. Whether it's a selection of Spritz, Amaros, or Italian Inspired Martinis, our bartenders will work to create a cocktail you will love.

A full Bona Italian meal is available in Aperitivo but also you will find a selection of small bites, tapas, nibbles, and appetizers perfect for those nights you just need something light to help soak up the drinks ahead.

Story of Aperitivo

For years a cocktail element for Bona has been floating around as we knew we had guests who prefer spirits over wine or beer. In 2020 when COVID-19 shut down the world we decided it would be our chance to establish our Cocktail Lounge and have it ready for reopening. Early in 2021 our license was underway as were our discussions for the vibe, energy and feel.

The Lounge was named after the Italian cultural ritual of Aperitivo. This ritual happens between work and dinner, where friends and families gather for small bites and refreshing cocktails. Derived from the Latin word ``aperire``, meaning “to open” and so Aperitivo is intended to open the stomach before dining or be that place to open the night ahead. Either way we can't to share in this cultural ritual with you right here on Wilton Drive.

Tapas & Small Bites

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